Investing – savings bonds rates against Forex

Most people would agree that it is very safe to invest in bonds and put your savings bonds rates in the bank. None of these vehicles, but offers a lot of interest. If you try to make more money with what you want, you should invest in foreign currency.

If a small investor, who want or must have a very high yield, this may be the right item for savings bonds rates you. Suppose you have savings bonds rates $ 5,000, and you were to put money in a savings bank at a rate of 3%. The interest rate would only earn an additional one hundred and fifty dollars a year compared with investing in foreign currency, which could have a profit of 12% and you should receive an additional six hundred U.S. dollars a year. Well, say that there were $ 5,000, but invest $ 100,000. The money that you win with a Forex account would be about $ 12,000 a year, and this is a nice savings bonds rates, little ‘extra cash.

Now, the reason that this article will help small investors for a larger investor, investors larger For example, USD $ 1,000,000, it is safer to earn 3 percent in a savings bank. An investor with so much money could also tax-exempt savings bonds rates that may have an interest to invest 4%. At this rate, the investor would then be an additional $ 40,000, which is exempt from income tax.

Although it may seem strange, it’s usually the wealthiest people who are dissatisfied with performance, while a small amount of return on investment. This may be true, because they know how to invest successfully Or the money can afford to have people who do, and often have more information and options available to them.

In an economy that is stable, you might think that the major investment is something that we do not need. Since savings bonds rates, they are not in the best economy right now, for some it has become necessary. In addition, the dollar is strong and the value has been slipping.

Although Forex investment is risky, you can earn a bit ‘more than you would with a savings account at a bank. The disadvantage is that you win and lose a lot in forex trading so as not to use the resources that they can not do without. Learn more about savings bonds rates Forex Trading in advance because it is not a forum that savings bonds rates should be without knowing the risk to venture into.

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By: Suzanne Bender
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