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National savings bonds rates – The right choice for you?

When it comes to new customers, we often Premium Bonds, but not very often to many other products of domestic savings bonds rates and investments (NS & I) are offered.

Some NS & I returns are currently looking very interesting, so it may be worth looking at the two plants, premium bonds and saving certificates.

The purpose for NS & I offers savings accounts and bonds to raise funds for the government. The various programs range from tax free for taxpayers, and, of course, are safe havens for their money because they are backed by the British government.

About a quarter of all the money is invested in NS & I Premium Bonds held in the. Of course, strictly speaking, they are not those that rely on investments do not earn interest, but actually…

Saving advice – what should let everyone know the way of national saving and investment savings bonds rates

Many people have seen their investments decline during recessions. To find a safer place for your money, savings bonds rates UK National Savings & Investments (NS & I) has given us a series of products with different types of savings options, all guaranteed by the government. National Savings that different? On the positive side, a number of National Savings products are completely tax free, and all capital is invested in its products 100% sure savings bonds…