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Registered Disability savings bonds rates Plan (RDSP) Explanation

Does Disability RDSP registered savings bonds rates plan. The RDSP is like a savings similar Canadian Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) plan. To be eligible for the RDSP, a person entitled to a tax credit for people with disabilities under 60 years of age. The disabled person who receives the funds in the RDSP, the beneficiary is named.

Contributions to the RDSP for a disabled person can be from any person with written permission from the owner of the plan. The plan, the holder the savings bonds rates disabled person (if age and are legally able to sign a contract), a legal parent, a savings bonds rates guardian, the recipient authorized to act on their behalf, or a public body empowered by law, the names of act of the recipient.

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Canadian taxpayers – Registered pension plan (RRSP) explains savings bonds rates

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